Helping You - Our Priority

 Not knowing what to expect can often make any of us a little nervous. However, with Hobart and Kingston Chiropractic Centres, the moment you enter our welcoming environment you will feel totally at ease. Our experienced team will ensure that your visit with us is a pleasant one.  

What to Expect

Health and Family History

When you first come to the Kingston or Hobart Chiropractic Clinic it is important that the practitioner gains as much information about you to help them determine the best strategy to get you well again. You’ll be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire that includes questions about your health and family history. Then in the privacy of a consultation room, a history will be taken that is relevant for your problems.

Initial Examination

Next your Chiropractor will complete an examination incorporating orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests. If necessary we may require x-rays which are completed on site. If you need any further tests your chiropractor will discuss this with you during the consultation. Combining all this information gives us a clearer picture to be able to deliver the best possible recommendations for your health.

Treatment Options

If chiropractic care is the right choice for you, your Chiropractor may commence some treatment on your first visit. You can be confident that, before this happens, we’ll talk to you about your proposed care, the available alternatives and any potential risks associated with our recommendations. The more you understand about the chiropractic process, the better the results are likely to be. We’ll also talk to you about our recommendations for your follow-up appointment and future care.

Fee Schedule

The clinic fees are consistent with the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia schedule, and the Schedule used for Medicare, DVA, Workers Comp and MAIB. For specific fees contact the clinic.


This convenient swipe card and pay wave system allows us to deduct the Health Fund Rebate from the cost of care. You will simply pay the "gap" amount.


We offer a concession for:
- payment on the same day as a clinic visit
- seniors and carers
- health care card holders and students