Types of Care

 Chiropractic care is simple. It's natural. It recognises your body's ability to heal itself and it helps millions of people reduce pain and improve their health every year. There are a number of different types of chiropractic care which your practitioner may use or prescribe when you visit our Hobart or Kingston chiropractic clinics.  

Acute Care

Most of our patients initially seek our help when they are in pain and are having difficulty performing their everyday tasks. Patients in this acute stage are looking for pain relief. During this stage your visits are likely to be frequent and aimed at reducing pain and improving your symptoms.

Ongoing Care

After the acute symptoms have been reduced, our aim is to restore proper function to the area of concern. This will typically require regular, but less frequent, clinic visits than the acute stage. This type of chiropractic care may continue longer depending on your age, how long you have had the complaint, and how severe the problem is.

Chronic Care

Chronic chiropractic care is given to patients whose complaints are typically complex, longstanding, and where the complaint has no acute or inflammatory symptoms. Patients who require chronic care are usually given exercises, stretches and other activities to do at home, at work, or during sporting activities. They still require clinic visits to assess progress but these are generally less frequent than with acute care.

Rehabilitation Care

Some patients have complaints that require intermittent clinic visits over a longer period of time where the emphasis is on changing spinal, postural and movement habits. This type of chiropractic care focuses on achieving the best possible long term outcome that will give you maximum function and health. Rehabilitative care is not just about pain relief. Your visits will be less frequent and we will introduce exercise and other self care to aid your recovery.

Supportive Care

Some patients have conditions that they cannot fully recover from. They find that regular , or intermittent clinic visits (when their pain returns) are needed to keep them functioning. Our supportive care patients find that without regular treatments their mobility deteriorates and their pain returns.

Elective/Maintenance Care

Maintenance care is like having a tune-up. Some patients come to the chiropractic clinics for checkups, to have their exercise routines reviewed, or to get advice on ways to improve their health and prevent disease or injury.

Emergency Care

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen; a fall, slip, injury, or not much at all. When some event occurs and you are in extreme pain, distressed, or uncertain of what to do, we can help. We keep emergency appointments available just for when things go wrong. We provide an after hours / emergency service with one of our chiropractors. This may only require some reassurance over the phone or an after hours clinic consultation. Call us on 0407-876-714.

Performance Enhancement

Designed for the elite sportsperson, or emerging athletes, our chiropractic performance enhancement service utilises the full range of chiropractic tools and measures to improve your personal best results. This approach often requires a co-operative approach with other professionals such as sports physicians, exercise physiologists, and psychologists.